In the days following the September 11th terror attacks, I walked the streets of Manhattan with my father’s Olympus OM-2 camera and three rolls of Kodak GC 400–8 film.

This is what I saw.

The view from our rooftop on the east side of Manhattan, a few miles north of Ground Zero. The left side of the negative is flashed, though it is fitting: the city torn in half.
Usually a traffic jam, the FDR Drive is closed to civilian traffic for 10 days.
Flyers shroud pay phones on the East side.
A service member reads missing persons flyers on 1st Avenue.
30 police officers await deployment.
Camouflaged reservists gather in a city of concrete.
Flags are lowered to half staff across the city.
The world-famous windows of Saks Fifth Avenue are draped in black with funereal flowers and American flags. The text reads: “With Sadness.”
The Empire State Building mourns.
A large flag makes its debut in Grand Central Station.
In the surrounding suburbs, Red Cross donation signs hang in the stations of Metro North Railroad.
Construction sites lay quiet, while the workers assist at Ground Zero.
The road between Bellevue and the Coroner’s Office becomes a headquarters for recovery operations, which continue non-stop through day and night.
A makeshift morgue is established in the lot behind Bellevue Hospital.
Union Square becomes an impromptu temple for residents to gather and grieve. The otherwise quiet crowd erupts into cheers as fire trucks drive down 14th Street.
Candles line the barriers of Union Square Park.
Hundreds of water bottles line the perimeter of Chelsea Piers as supplies pour in from corporations and neighboring cities.
Downtown is closed below Canal Street, so news vehicles park along the West Side Drive. In the background, smoke clouds the sky.
New Yorkers show love and support for emergency workers heading to and from Ground Zero.
A fire engine pulled from the rubble is driven up the West Side Drive.
A young woman waves an American flag.

“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

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