A while back, I secretly set up my second, secret film, and the first secret task was… writing the screenplay. Once again I found myself faced with the same old question:

Highland 2 lets you customize themes. I call this one Coffee.

Which software should I use?

Final Draft? Jittery scrolling. Fade In? Too much chrome. Slugline? Not quite enough. It was time to try Highland 2. And now, after many months and multiple drafts, I’m here to tell you that H2 isn’t just a good alternative — it’s great on its own merits.

They include:

INLINE OUTLINING. Using hashtags and equal signs, you can build a hierarchical outline right inside…

The view from our rooftop on the east side of Manhattan, a few miles north of Ground Zero. The left side of the negative is flashed, though it is fitting: the city torn in half.

Joe Miale

Writer | Director — joemiale.com

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